Meet us at the Tea Festival 2018 in Owari-asahi

Hi, all!

On the coming October 21st (Sunday), Miyazakien will participate in the tea festival which will be held in Owariasahi city, Aichi Prefecture as last year. In the autumn excursion season, why don’t you enjoy this seasonal activity. The venue, Skyward Asahi, is a 20-minute walk from Meitetsu Owariasahi Station. There are a free shuttle bus from Owariasahi station to the Skyward.


Name: The 7th Tea Festival in Owariasahi

Date and time: October 21, 2018 (Sunday) 10: 00-16: 00

Place: Aichi Prefecture Owariasahi City Skyward Asahi

P.S.  On that day, the shop of Miyazakien and Hitosaji will be closed temporarily.

Baicha school tea ceremony with Wakocha

This is a tea ceremony tool of the tea school, “Baicha”. “Baicha” is one of the schools of the Japanese tea ceremony, which a tea shop started.

It is one of the schools of the tea ceremony that we wanted to learn by all means as Miyazakien is also a tea trader.

This time, they used Miyazakien ‘s Wakocha, the Japanese black tea.

It is Miyazakien ‘s Wakocha, the Japanese black tea which they brew.

New Year’s greetings

It is only 2 days to finish the year 2017. We have been indebted to everyone for this past year. Thank you once again.

Today is the last event opening in 2017 as Miyazakien. We have been selling our “Wa kocha” the Japanese black tea, “Hojicha” the Japanese roasted green tea, “Sencha” tea at “NEOPASA · Okazaki” (Okazaki Service Area on the new Tomei Expressway).


The location was changed from where we planned. The shop as you see in the photo was in the shop of Okazaki’s local products gathered at. Though the place was suddenly changed, but the shop staffs were so kind to us so our activity was so fulfilling.

20171230岡崎SAAlso, we are very glad that there were several customers who visit the store seeing the opening information on the Internet. Thank you so much for all of you always care.

This year, we participated in various events in local Okazaki, as well as temporal shop at department stores in Nagoya and Okazaki, developing sales channels abroad such as Malaysia and the UK, holding experiential events such as “Okazaki Suguremono Taikentai” experiences and full moon tea ceremonies, Organic JAS certification, etc. We would like to thank the people who have made your voice, the people who supported us.

Next year, we will step forward one step further while treating the accumulation so far. There are many issues such as utilization of the full-moon stage in our organic tea garden, expansion of our organic tea cultivation, needs of maintenance of our tea processing machines, enhancement of hospitality of those who came to our store. Also, new initiatives with local people are progressing steadily, We will show you some new products in the new year.

All the staff will continue their devotion and will continue on the road to become new Miyazakien which everyone loves.

Happy new year everyone! from All of the Miyakozakien staff

30th December, 2017





Organic JAS certification

On September 12, 2017, Miyazakien got certification of JAS organic processed food (tea).

Recently we reported studying about organic certification, and this time we are proud to report that Miyazakien have received official certification for JAS organic processed food (tea). As for the certification, we asked Public Interest Incorporated group corporation Ainokai to inspect.

Miyazakien is located in a mountainous area with Otogawa river, where there are many tea gardens on both sides of the riverside road passing through the mountains. As with Shizuoka prefecture where is a major production area of ​​tea in Japan, our place is also a area with moderate temperature difference and humidity, cultivation of tea was thriving from the Edo period.

However, the cultivation of large-scale tea that introduced large machines and equipment in plain and basin, gentle hilly areas like Shizuoka became popular and the competitiveness of our farming area became weakened because mechanization was difficult as it is in mountainous area. In order to differentiate our products from others in such mass production area, Miyazakien challenged to be the first tea farmer in Aichi prefecture in 2006 having organic certification by tea cultivation and processing. However, as the main ship-to party was wholesale to JA etc., there was also the aspect that it could not fully utilize the precious certification.

Before and after the certification of the sixth industrialization by the Japanese government,  Miyazakien has greatly steered from its historical wholesale business model by a tea garden to direct sales to consumers and restaurants as a tea garden. By directly informing the consumer about the initiative of the garden, and securing the distribution process which does not mix with other mass-produced tea, it becomes easy to convey the identity and the commitment of the garden again.

In the future, we will make use of this organic certificate, not only for domestic but also for oversea market development. We have already begun to develop sales channels for overseas markets such as New York, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc. In any country / region, not only the taste and aroma of the tea at the Miyazakien, but also organic crops (Organic)  has been highly appreciated. There are still many things to be tackled, such as expanding production volume and raising awareness, but we will continue to motivate the promotion of the tea industry in Okazaki City Miyazaki district here and there.

[Notice] Meet us on 22nd October at Tea Festival in Owari Asahi city

[Notice] On 22nd, October, Miyazakien will open a temporal shop at a tea festival in the Oawari Asahi City. The tea festival is the biggest tea event in Japan that you can enjoy tea diversely at. During this festival, a lot of events such as the tea bazaar that you can buy world-wide and Japanese tea, the tea symposium, the tea experience, the tea seminar, the domestic black tea grand prix etc. are held.紅茶フェスティバル in 尾張旭 2017 ポスター

In Owari Asahi, there are 18 “delicious tea shops” stores which are approved by the Japan Tea Association as of June 2016, it is the number one in Japan. The festival is hosted, planned, and managed by the Owariasahi Tourism Association.

Miyazakien will open the shop in the tea bazaar area. In the bazaar, you can buy domestic and world black tea at the same time, and you can taste most of the tea. Although it is said that the tasting paper cup is sold at the entrance of the venue (three pieces / 10 yen planned), you can have your own cup. Also, there are not only black tea, but also Japanese tea, Chinese tea and sweets and tea goods.

Miyazakien will open in the Fureai Hall on the 1st floor of Skyward Asahi. On that day there is a free shuttle bus from Meitetsu Seto Line Owariasahi Station, and there are 500 parking lots available (including Shiroyama park parking lot).

Enjoy a season full of autumn feeling, please enjoy domestic black tea and Mikawa wa kocha tea.


[Notice] We will open a temporal shop in a tea festival held on 18th Sepbember at Dai Nagoya Building

[Notice] We will open a temporal shop in tea festival held on 18th Sepbember at Dai Nagoya Building

On the coming 18th September (holiday), Miyazakien will open a temporal shop in a tea festival held in HDC Nagoya in the Dai Nagoya building in the Nagoya city Nagoya station area. The festa is held from the 16th to the 18th on the 10th-11th floor in the Dai Nagoya building, and there are tea seminars, sweets making, drinking comparison section etc. Admission, tasting in a drinking comparison section, etc. are free (some reservations priority).

The event is held in Housing Design Cente Nagoya (HDC Nagoya) on the 10th and 11th floor of Dai Nagoya Building.

It is an opportunity to enjoy ‘Wa Kocha’, the Japanese Black tea of Miyazakien and Sencha Tea etc. in Nagoya city. We welcome everyone.

Miyama Zakien 6th tea master,  Atsushi UMEMURA


[Notice] The date of our Full Moon Tea Event will be postponed to 6th October

Unfortunately, we are forecasting unseasonable weather on 6th September, so we will postpone holding the full moon tea ceremony on 6th October. We are informing it to those who applied for participation.

Fullmoon tea ceremony will come soon

The full moon tea ceremony is about two weeks away. Although I’d like to say, preparation is going well, Obon holiday was quickly finished preparing for organic certification, and was forced to weed out last weekend.

Yesterday we finally got a prospect of lighting, the performers came last week, talking about various preparations.


This is second year to have the full moon tea ceremony. The leaf you picj in this event will be used for making the Japanese black tea, Wa Kocha. In developing Wa Kocha, we tried various fermentation of various tea leaves of various periods in various ways and how the taste and scent change. As a result, what we found interestingly was using the second crop of the native species “Hongu”, it was the best to make the present tea.

Native species are weaker compared to recent tree species due to yield and disease resistance, so tea farmers who produce tea leaves and deliver them in large quantities are almost switching to such a recently developed tea tree. However, in the Miyazakien, it happened to include various species of trees, including the native species field, we were able to experiment with various kinds of trees, and now we are still improving.

Do you know what it is?  You may say it seems it is kind of fruit.  Right. This is a seed of Japanese tea.

When ripening, the shell cracks naturally, and the fruit of tea jumps out.

The condition of this tea fruit was the basis of the map symbol of the tea plantation in Japan. We often see them on the tea field, and we often see it staying on the tree of the tea.

There may be encounters with the full moon tea ceremony held in our tea plantations.