Spring has come

New spring has come. It is a pleasant season during the day in this area. The fresh green is  spreading widely around the tea garden of Miyazakien.

新緑の茶畑 2017/04

2017-04 星ヶ丘三越 ホシミツ美味セレクション出店201704Thanks to all, sales in the event finished last week at Mitsukoshi Hoshigaoka was quite well. Hojicha, the roasted Japanese tea, and Wa Kocha, the Japanese black tea, is the two most popular products on the sales as in our shop in Okazaki. And all packages prepared for both leaf and tea bag were sold out at Hoshigaoka. 星ヶ丘三越にて宮ザキ園のお茶を販売In addition to the many people who liked the tasting and bought it, the person who bought our tea last time in November at Mitsukoshi last year remembered us and she bought our tea again all together because it was so tasty, she said. I was very pleased also that there was an offer to want to pick up tea in our garden.

The busy season has come to our garden again. Depending on the temperature in the morning and evening, we are hanging out that frost will not come off, and now we are working for care of tea tree and maintenance of tea equipment day and night. In addition to set the dark shield over the tea bush, as we grow tea organically, so we are busy weeding the field by hand. There are many processing tea equipments  to maintain which our passed grandfather had done for me before. Preliminary maintenance is essential so that it will work smoothly throughout the cultivating period.

Leaves of tea filled with fields are coming soon. We are exciting to priparing to supply our delicious tea this year.

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