Hanasaka times

Today we welcomed CBC “Hanasaka Times” crew and guests, Ms Azusa Babazono and Ms Naomi Watanabe to our tea garden.

The Asian, Ms Azusa Babazono, Ms Naomi Watanabe has come to our tea plant!

Our picking staffs are very encouraged by those two talented artists.

Thank you, Azusa-san and Naomi-san!

P.S. The programme will be broadcasted on next weekend, the 4th June. It starts at 9:25 am on CBC tv in Nagoya area, central Japan.

CBC crews work hard on our 2016 year new crop Miyagzakien’s Japanese green tea and Japanese black tea.

Tea season has come

Miyazakien tea garden, early May
Miyazakien tea garden, early May

Our tea “Okazaki no Kaori”, the fragrance of Okazaki, has come. As a garden master, I am so happy to tell you that we now supply special seasonal flavours of the early tea crop in this year again.

It is now cultivating season. We are busy to tip tea leaves and to produce tea every day. Our stocks are now full of new tea. As so, whenever you come to our garden, we welcome you with our Miyazakien tea.