Meet us at Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi in mid April 2017

From the coming 12th April (Wednesday) to 18th April  (Tueseday), the Miyazakien will open a temporal shop at Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi in Nagoya.

This time, we introduce our most popular two products, Sencha, the Japanese green tea “Haru Moegi” which means Spring fresh green, and Gyokuro, “Sae Midori”, which means deep green. While opening a store, the staff of Miyazakien resides and conducts tasting services.

The place is the food department of the Mitsukoshi Hoshigaoka underground floor. Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi has a direct link to Nagoya city subway Higashiyama Line Hoshigaoka Station.

We are looking forward to having you enjoy tea.

宮ザキ園出店のお知らせです。来たる4月12日(水)から4月18日(火)まで,名古屋の星が丘三越に宮ザキ園が出店いたします。 今回ご紹介する商品は,宮ザキ園の売れ筋定番商品。イチオシは煎茶の「はるもえぎ」,玉露の「さえみどり」です。 出店中は,宮ザキ園のスタッフが常駐し,試飲サービスなどを行います。 場所は,星が丘三越地下一階の食品売り場です。星ヶ丘三越は,名古屋の市営地下鉄東山線星ヶ丘駅直結です。どうぞおこしください。

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