It will be completed soon!

若葉育つ茶畑 2017/04

建築途中の満月茶会ステージConstruction will be completed soon! This is the stage for our tea celemony of the popular full moon tea.

It is only tea garden if you look around.

満月茶会ステージ建設中Construction of this stage began in March, but the plan to make a new stage of the full moon tea ceremony was being considered for several years.
整地が終わった満月茶会のステージIn line with the idea of live on nature as the concept of Miyazakien, we have asked to get some advise to various people in the past to prepare facilities that can enjoy tea ceremonies in our tea fields. And the result has been gradually becoming shape.

満月茶会のステージから観た茶畑 2017/04At last, the appearance of the stage has appeared in the field. Tea leaves are sprouting now, the life has been nurtured in the field overlooked from the stage. In the field of the native species “Hongu” used for our Wa Kocha, the Japanese black tea, the individuality of the tea tree has appeared and the young leaves are mottled, but this appearance is a landscape that agrees well with the philosophy of the Miyazakien.


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