Welcome Okazaemon at Miyazakien!

Okazaemon has come at Miyazakien! In this holiday, as part of the “Hidden Okazaki, Harvesting Experience Programme” in the “Okazaki Experience programme” , a nationwide lull character, Okazaemon came to our garden for the experience of the tea harvest of the Miyazakien.

July, 2017, Okazaemon has come to Miyazakien!

It must be seriously hard work, the harvesting of tea leaves in tea fields in the heat of lightly exceeding 30 ℃ during the day. Miyazaki district in former Nukata town is the intermediate of mountains. The field also has a considerable slope, all people including staffs of us have to take care of the ridge even if we only move in the field, but Okazaemon who did silent work. Those who is inside, people concerned, thank you!

おかざきすぐれモノ体験隊ロゴThe “Okazaki Experience programme”  offers “real” which can only be experienced in Okazaki. In the “Hidden Okazaki, Harvesting Experience Programme”,  one of the expedition programme, you can enjoy harvest experience of tea and citrus grown without using agricultural chemicals, a processing experience such as making tea and making Yuzu citrus juice and Yuzu peppers.

In this time, a tea picking experience and a tasting workshop on the terrace newly set up in our tea plantation has held.




And participants also visited the yuzu field that we did not use pesticides. In this hidden Okazaki Harvest Experience Programme, the members of the events will be the owner of a Yuzu citrus tree, and they will have a citrus harvest experience and processing experience. For this time, we invite each participant to choose a yuzu tree for field


The programme will continue for a while this year. We would like to devise great ingenuity so that all participants can be satisfied.

Those who wish to participate in this "Hidden Okazaki, Harvest Experience" need to register for Okazaki Experience Programme. As the harvest time of agricultural products may be affected by the weather, please understand that the 2nd and 3rd holding date is uncertain.




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