Fullmoon tea ceremony will come soon

The full moon tea ceremony is about two weeks away. Although I’d like to say, preparation is going well, Obon holiday was quickly finished preparing for organic certification, and was forced to weed out last weekend.

Yesterday we finally got a prospect of lighting, the performers came last week, talking about various preparations.


This is second year to have the full moon tea ceremony. The leaf you picj in this event will be used for making the Japanese black tea, Wa Kocha. In developing Wa Kocha, we tried various fermentation of various tea leaves of various periods in various ways and how the taste and scent change. As a result, what we found interestingly was using the second crop of the native species “Hongu”, it was the best to make the present tea.

Native species are weaker compared to recent tree species due to yield and disease resistance, so tea farmers who produce tea leaves and deliver them in large quantities are almost switching to such a recently developed tea tree. However, in the Miyazakien, it happened to include various species of trees, including the native species field, we were able to experiment with various kinds of trees, and now we are still improving.

Do you know what it is?  You may say it seems it is kind of fruit.  Right. This is a seed of Japanese tea.

When ripening, the shell cracks naturally, and the fruit of tea jumps out.

The condition of this tea fruit was the basis of the map symbol of the tea plantation in Japan. We often see them on the tea field, and we often see it staying on the tree of the tea.

There may be encounters with the full moon tea ceremony held in our tea plantations.




Meeting of the full moon tea ceremony

Today, we had a meeting of the full moon tea ceremony held on 6th September.


As the name suggests, the full moon tea ceremony is an event where tea ceremonies are held at the tea plantation of the Miyazakien, on the evening of the full moon when the moon, the earth and the sun line up in line. You can experience tea picking in the tea field or have tea at the full moon tea ceremony stage. In addition, performance of the erhu, the koto and the violin participate with the ceremony. You can also appreciate the dim sum of the restaurant “Ichimasu”.

It will soon become quorum. If you are interested please apply as soon as possible!


[Notice] The full moon tea ceremony (Postscript: We will postpone it to 6th October)

[Additional note 2] Unfortunately, 6th September we are forecasting unseasonable weather, so we will postpone holding the full moon tea ceremony on 6th October. We are informing it to those who applied for participation.

[Additional notes] 26th August, 2017,  The application was closed due to application reached its capacity. Thank you everybody. Let’s meet at the full moon tea ceremony stage.

In Japan, Bon Festival holiday has started. Miyazakien is busy for welcoming many tourists at our shop.

Well, this year the full moon tea ceremony season will come soon. We will havA tea ceremony while picking tea on a full moon night. On the full moon night on the coming 6th September, we will hold a full moon tea ceremony organized by Sencha Kokura.

As the capacity is 50 people, please apply as soon as possible. Please download this flyer, fill in the necessary matter, and send it by FAX. The personal information such as your name and address will be used for contact from Miyazakien on this event.

2017年9月6日煎茶薫風流 満月茶会パンフレット
2017年9月6日煎茶薫風流 満月茶会パンフレット

In addition, during the Bon Fest holidays, the Miyazakien is open as usual except on Thursdays of regular holidays. We are now preparing pinch hitter products such as shaved ice until the raw material of soft cream arrives. Of course tea items such as Sencha Tea, Hojicha Tea, Green Tea etc. can also be bought at the store.

We are waiting for everyone.









Modern Korean correspondents has come to Miyazakien

The other day, the modern Korean correspondents coming to Japan from Korea visited Miyazakien and experienced tea picking.

In Okazaki they were touched upon the history of Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Korean correspondent in the Edo period, and they also enjoyed interacting with local high school students. Ms Naoko JIN, the representative director of NPO Bridge for Peace, presided over by the West Mikawa version of the Chunichi Shinbun on 11th August, that this international exchange activity is being reported.


It was a very meaningful opportunity for Miyazakien to be able to play the part of international friendship activity. Thank you very much for everyone involved.





[Notice] Tea and beer collaboration, “wacochan” at the world big beer museum in Nagoya Building from 8/14

The beer wacochan using the Japanese black tea, “wa kocha” of  Miyazakien is offered from 14th to 20th of August at the world beer museum Nagoya Building Store‘s “World Beer Museum Summer Beer Fair”.

This slightly different beer, “wacochan”, was born from “Nagoya Morning College”, a place for students to learn with the concept of supporting the attractive “people” of the area.

As raw materials of wacochan, not only Miyazakien’s wakocha tea but also the MIU tomato, mini tomato of the farmer “Iida Nouen”, who also received the certification of the 6th industrialization is used. So you can enjoy the fragrance and flavour of tomato and tea.

Mr. Iida sells his MIU tomatoes and MIU tomato juice at the famous department store and his own direct sales place. In this month, you may see him from August 23 to August 29 at the Weekly Spot of JR Nagoya Takashimaya Basement 2F.

I heard that in Taiwan drinks combining beer and tomato are popular, but what kind of merchandise is the combination of tea and tomato and beer? I am curious. I am looking forward to next week’s big Nagoya building!

[Notice] The Japanese black tea “Wakocha” Whole Tour on 3rd SEP

We are proudly annoncing that “the Japanese black tea ‘Wa kocha’ whole tour” will be held on 3rd Septembre at Miyazakien. The tour is supported by Great Nagoya tours Executive Committee as “Great Nagoya Tours.”

On the tour, you can enjoy tea picking, drying and fermentation work of tea making, and also tea tasting, as well as soft tea cream using the Japanese black tea, Wakocha.

Do not miss the opportunity to touch Japanese tea and Japanese-born tea you need for living in Japan!

For details, please see the page of Great Nagoya Tours “Japanese tea ceremony” Tea ceremony whole “tour” on the committie web site.