We had a tea processing experience event at Wan Park Yesterday


Steaming tea leavesYesterday,18th March,  Miyazakien staff participated a tea processing and tasting experience event for children in the local park “Okazaki Wan Park” .
processing tea event at Okazaki WAN ParkProcessing tea experience eventThis event was hosted by Okazaki City Environment Department, as an environment and food education, and was about 30 participants. In the event, there are programmes of harvesting tea leaves, processing to steam and mingle tea leaves as well as delicious drinking of tea.

It takes over a day actually to experience all of the harvesting and finishing of tea leaves. This time the children also enjoyed making it, and adults also learned seriously.

Well, Miyazakien will be making full efforts to prepare new tea soon. Now we are starting to replant our tea and doing reeding.

Moreover, we hope to introduce the everyday farming work etc of such Miyazakien.


Where is Miyazakien

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