Aichi Emergency Declaration is issued


Finally, in Aichi Prefecture, the local governor has issued an emergency declaration for the new type of coronavirus infection yesterday. How are you all going as the tense atmosphere spreads out.

Miyazakien has been working on tea plantations, cafe shop and the retail store because the declaration states that businesses that require business continuity include food and beverage supply and coffee shops. We are also continuing to refurbish our stores to comply with HACCP, which has become mandatory under the revision of the Japanese Food Sanitation Law. Doors of the retail shop is widely open to improve ventilation while we are open the shop. But door to enter and exit the cafe section was said to be an automatic door in order to comply with HACCP, so now it is under construction.

We feel that the movement of people has been reduced in various scenes even in the old Nukata-cho in a mountainous area. The bus for Motojuku Station, which came from the Kuragari valley yesterday afternoon, has no passengers until Miyazaki Elementary School bus stop. The number of cars and traffic is further reduced, and the only sounds that can be heard in the store except for door construction are the sounds of the surrounding nature.


The tea trees that had been pruned last week have not had much buds yet.

宮ザキ園前の茶畑Maybe it’s because the temperature was low on many days for the first buds came out. The cherry blossoms at Miyazaki Elementary School have been almost in full bloom for a week. In the usual school year, it is a busy period with the new semester, but this year the gate is closed, and under the blue clear sky, not only the children but the school equipments are quietly waiting for the back to school term.宮崎小学校の桜


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