Notice of Temporary Closure of “Hitosaji”

Dear customers and related parties

Thank you for your continued patronage of “Hitosaji” and Miyazakien.

We decided to close our teahouse “Hitosaji” temporarily as requested until May 6 (Wednesday) because Aichi Prefecture government required “a facility with a high risk of infection and a high possibility of causing the spread of infection” close as part of “the new coronavirus infection Aichi Prefecture-Emergency Measures” yesterday, April 17th.

“Hitosaji” will be closed from April 17 to May 6. Although coffee shop is not subject to a request for closure, “Hitosaji” is a space where customers spend time for a long time, sit close to each other to taste foods and drinks, it is a relatively small place, the interior structure of the “Hitosaji” is complicated because it is an old private house, and so that it is difficult to take measures such as finding a person with a fever or restricting entrance. So we decided to close it for protecting our customers.

As mentioned above, the resumption is scheduled for May 6th, which is the deadline for the declaration of an emergency, but the response may change depending on the situation.

The store department of Miyazakien that sells tea products will continue to operate.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Atsushi Umemura, 6th tea master at Miyazakien
and Miyazakien staff

Where is Miyazakien

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