Natural cultivation

The tea at Miyazakien does not use pesticides nor chemical fertilizers. As we pour hot water directly to tea, even children and parents can drink safely, we care fully as it is natural.

Wakocha, the Japanese black tea

Honorable variety “Hongu” cultivated by seedlings over 150 years is used to process our “Wakocha“, the Japanese black tea. We pick leaves of Hongu carefully with local elementary school pupils and local residents, with our original semi-fermentation technology, further dried for two days under the sun light, here it is domestically produced Japanese black tea. It is a delicious fermented tea that is mellow and faintly sweet to suit Japanese sweets and dishes.

Raising “Hongu” species from seedlings


Miyazakien collects tea fruits taken from the tea tree growing long ago in local Mt. Hongu, and seedling growing (a method to grow from seeds without grafting). This tea tree is a native species called “Hongu” species from local people.

Where is Miyazakien

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