How to brew green tea (Sencha and Gyokuro)

Green Tea

1. Put 2 teaspoon of tea leaves into a cup.
2. Put hot water into the cup after putting it into another one. It is best brewed at 40°C – 60°C  (140°F -185°F) for fine grade Japanese tea.
3. Steep it for 40 – 60 seconds for Sencha / 2 minutes for Gyokuro.
4. Pour it equally until the very end. Enjoy!

How to Brew Matcha

Matcha1. Put 1.5 matcha into a bowl using a Tea scoop.
2. Put hot water into a cup, then transfer that water into another cup. (This allows for the temperature to cool just slightly)
3. Using a tea whisk (chasen or 茶筅), you prepare tea as you draw the letter “M” in the bowl.
4. You see that Matcha and hot water are mixed well. Done!

Where is Miyazakien

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