How to brew green tea (Sencha and Gyokuro)

Green Tea

1. Put 2 teaspoon of tea leaves into a cup.
2. Put hot water into the cup after putting it into another one. It is best brewed at 40°C – 60°C  (140°F -185°F) for fine grade Japanese tea.
3. Steep it for 40 – 60 seconds for Sencha / 2 minutes for Gyokuro.
4. Pour it equally until the very end. Enjoy!

How to Brew Matcha

Matcha1. Put 1.5 matcha into a bowl using a Tea scoop.
2. Put hot water into a cup, then transfer that water into another cup. (This allows for the temperature to cool just slightly)
3. Using a tea whisk (chasen or 茶筅), you prepare tea as you draw the letter “M” in the bowl.
4. You see that Matcha and hot water are mixed well. Done!


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