The tea picking started

茶摘み初摘み2017Today, on 10th May, the first picking of the tea at Miyazakien in 2017 began.

You may have seen some “eighty-eighth night” news on 2nd May this year. The day is traditionally famous for the day many tea gardens in Japan start a tea picking. The eighty eighth night means it has passed 87 days from the beginning of spring and the best season of pecking tea begins. In warm regions on flat land or seaside area, it is just about it. But in this area, Okazaki – Nukata district is high in altitude, tea picking should start slightly later.

Fortunately for this year’s tea, despite the fact that the temperature tended to be low from the last March to April, the frost was hardly damaged and the buds steadily grew.

Miyazakien has a facility to process tea leaves into tea in the garden. So, for a while from now, there are so many works to do like tea picking and making rough tea in the garden. And also we have consignment of tea leaves picked up by neighbouring tea farmers. It makes a busy time, so work continues daily, until late midnight. In addition to processing green tea, we have to do something that is unavoidable for Miyazakien, such as processing of “Wa Kocha”, the Japanese black tea, in the garden, and also preparing Hojicha and Matcha.

We will do our best this year to be able to deliver delicious tea to everyone, under the weather and health.


Tea season has come

Miyazakien tea garden, early May
Miyazakien tea garden, early May

Our tea “Okazaki no Kaori”, the fragrance of Okazaki, has come. As a garden master, I am so happy to tell you that we now supply special seasonal flavours of the early tea crop in this year again.

It is now cultivating season. We are busy to tip tea leaves and to produce tea every day. Our stocks are now full of new tea. As so, whenever you come to our garden, we welcome you with our Miyazakien tea.