Making wa kocha in progress

As humid and humid days continue, we are sure everyone is fine and well.

In the last week at the Miyazakien, we harvested the tea leaves for the Japanese black tea at the evening of the full moon.

2017年7月11日 満月
11th July, 2017, night, fullmoon

We make the Japanese black tea with locally grown tea leaves cultivated at the foot of Mt. Hongu in Aichi Prefecture. The sixth generation representative of the Miyazakien, Atsushi have developed it with the cooperation of many people. “Mikawa Wa Kocha”, the Japanese black tea is almost finishing well this year.

We are now processing “Mikawa Wa Kocha”, the Japanese black tea

“Full moon tea” using special tea leaves harvested on the full moon night, will be used at the tea ceremony in September at Miyazakien.