Chunichi agricultural award

Atsushi Umemura, the representative of Miyazakien, awarded the Chunichi Agriculture Prize Excellence Award hosted by the Japanese one of most quality news paper company, Chunichi Shimbun. In the last year of Heisei, it was the only recipient from Aichi Prefecture. We are very happy and proud of it. The award was published in the morning edition of the Chunichi Shimbun on the following day. Thank you to everyone involved.


The Chunichi Agriculture Prize has been awarded to young farmers working on new agriculture and regional development in the nine central prefectures (Aichi, Gifu, Mie, Shizuoka, Nagano, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Shiga) in Japan since 1940 (Showa 15). It is a historical award established by Chunichi Shimbun. Currently, it has been selected for young farmers because of the aging population and a shortage of successors.

At Miyazakien, in order to revive the tea industry in the Miyazaki area of Okazaki City (formerly Nukata-cho), which was once said to be a nationwide famous tea production area, tea making with organic pesticide-free cultivation (JAS certification) and domestic tea. In addition to working on the cultivation, processing, and sales of “wakocha,” the Japanese black tea, we have also actively challenged the development of overseas sales channels. Both are at the very beginning of a long journey just getting started, but it’s an honor to be chosen for this traditional award. We are also very impressed by mentioning to our 4th representative Akiji in the certificate. Atsushi is a young person, but we will continue to make efforts to promote this mountain village Miyazaki-cho in the Okazaki city through agriculture.


Making wa kocha in progress

As humid and humid days continue, we are sure everyone is fine and well.

In the last week at the Miyazakien, we harvested the tea leaves for the Japanese black tea at the evening of the full moon.

2017年7月11日 満月
11th July, 2017, night, fullmoon

We make the Japanese black tea with locally grown tea leaves cultivated at the foot of Mt. Hongu in Aichi Prefecture. The sixth generation representative of the Miyazakien, Atsushi have developed it with the cooperation of many people. “Mikawa Wa Kocha”, the Japanese black tea is almost finishing well this year.

We are now processing “Mikawa Wa Kocha”, the Japanese black tea

“Full moon tea” using special tea leaves harvested on the full moon night, will be used at the tea ceremony in September at Miyazakien.