[Notice] Tea and beer collaboration, “wacochan” at the world big beer museum in Nagoya Building from 8/14

The beer wacochan using the Japanese black tea, “wa kocha” of  Miyazakien is offered from 14th to 20th of August at the world beer museum Nagoya Building Store‘s “World Beer Museum Summer Beer Fair”.

This slightly different beer, “wacochan”, was born from “Nagoya Morning College”, a place for students to learn with the concept of supporting the attractive “people” of the area.

As raw materials of wacochan, not only Miyazakien’s wakocha tea but also the MIU tomato, mini tomato of the farmer “Iida Nouen”, who also received the certification of the 6th industrialization is used. So you can enjoy the fragrance and flavour of tomato and tea.

Mr. Iida sells his MIU tomatoes and MIU tomato juice at the famous department store and his own direct sales place. In this month, you may see him from August 23 to August 29 at the Weekly Spot of JR Nagoya Takashimaya Basement 2F.

I heard that in Taiwan drinks combining beer and tomato are popular, but what kind of merchandise is the combination of tea and tomato and beer? I am curious. I am looking forward to next week’s big Nagoya building!

Wa Kocha at cafe double

“Wa Kocha”, the Miyazakien’s Japanese Black Tea, has joined the menu of “Cafe Double” in Toyoda City Maruyama Town.

“Wa Kocha” menu started in June, 2017 at Cafe Double in, Toyota City Aichi Prefecture!
  • Royal milk tea made from Wa Kocha (chilled/hot) 600 yen
  • Chamomile Wa Kocha Tea 620 yen

“Cafe rice” to eat with chopsticks as set meals and homemade cake to take out are also provided. The cafe is often used for lunch, girls’ party, night cafe in a stylish space. Please stop the cafe double by once by all means.

Set meal of 2017/05 of Cafe Double using cooked rice with hojicha

This is a set meal of rice cooked with Hojicha lunch at the end of May when I visited Cafe Dae for delivery. The menu changes on a monthly basis, so I think that it is now a different menu.

Etaguri Mont Blanc devuted

Our partner, the Cake shop Che Caz announced that they have started a new product “Etaguri Mont Blanc”, using Miyazakien’s roasted tea and Okazaki Eta Guri chestnuts.

The patisserie Had been provided “Mont Blanc of Waguri” using Waguri,  Japanese chestnuts, of Ehime Prefectureis since its inception. But For the new product, they are using local chestnuts, separated from the farmers in Okazaki Eta district. In accordance with the strong flavour of the Okazaki Eta chestnuts, the cake shop adopted roasted tea based roll cake from this year.

Everyone, Please relish once by all means.