Meet us at the Tea Festival 2018 in Owari-asahi

Hi, all!

On the coming October 21st (Sunday), Miyazakien will participate in the tea festival which will be held in Owariasahi city, Aichi Prefecture as last year. In the autumn excursion season, why don’t you enjoy this seasonal activity. The venue, Skyward Asahi, is a 20-minute walk from Meitetsu Owariasahi Station. There are a free shuttle bus from Owariasahi station to the Skyward.


Name: The 7th Tea Festival in Owariasahi

Date and time: October 21, 2018 (Sunday) 10: 00-16: 00

Place: Aichi Prefecture Owariasahi City Skyward Asahi

P.S.  On that day, the shop of Miyazakien and Hitosaji will be closed temporarily.

[Notice] Meet us on 22nd October at Tea Festival in Owari Asahi city

[Notice] On 22nd, October, Miyazakien will open a temporal shop at a tea festival in the Oawari Asahi City. The tea festival is the biggest tea event in Japan that you can enjoy tea diversely at. During this festival, a lot of events such as the tea bazaar that you can buy world-wide and Japanese tea, the tea symposium, the tea experience, the tea seminar, the domestic black tea grand prix etc. are held.紅茶フェスティバル in 尾張旭 2017 ポスター

In Owari Asahi, there are 18 “delicious tea shops” stores which are approved by the Japan Tea Association as of June 2016, it is the number one in Japan. The festival is hosted, planned, and managed by the Owariasahi Tourism Association.

Miyazakien will open the shop in the tea bazaar area. In the bazaar, you can buy domestic and world black tea at the same time, and you can taste most of the tea. Although it is said that the tasting paper cup is sold at the entrance of the venue (three pieces / 10 yen planned), you can have your own cup. Also, there are not only black tea, but also Japanese tea, Chinese tea and sweets and tea goods.

Miyazakien will open in the Fureai Hall on the 1st floor of Skyward Asahi. On that day there is a free shuttle bus from Meitetsu Seto Line Owariasahi Station, and there are 500 parking lots available (including Shiroyama park parking lot).

Enjoy a season full of autumn feeling, please enjoy domestic black tea and Mikawa wa kocha tea.


[Notice] We will open a temporal shop in a tea festival held on 18th Sepbember at Dai Nagoya Building

[Notice] We will open a temporal shop in tea festival held on 18th Sepbember at Dai Nagoya Building

On the coming 18th September (holiday), Miyazakien will open a temporal shop in a tea festival held in HDC Nagoya in the Dai Nagoya building in the Nagoya city Nagoya station area. The festa is held from the 16th to the 18th on the 10th-11th floor in the Dai Nagoya building, and there are tea seminars, sweets making, drinking comparison section etc. Admission, tasting in a drinking comparison section, etc. are free (some reservations priority).

The event is held in Housing Design Cente Nagoya (HDC Nagoya) on the 10th and 11th floor of Dai Nagoya Building.

It is an opportunity to enjoy ‘Wa Kocha’, the Japanese Black tea of Miyazakien and Sencha Tea etc. in Nagoya city. We welcome everyone.

Miyama Zakien 6th tea master,  Atsushi UMEMURA


[Notice] Tea and beer collaboration, “wacochan” at the world big beer museum in Nagoya Building from 8/14

The beer wacochan using the Japanese black tea, “wa kocha” of  Miyazakien is offered from 14th to 20th of August at the world beer museum Nagoya Building Store‘s “World Beer Museum Summer Beer Fair”.

This slightly different beer, “wacochan”, was born from “Nagoya Morning College”, a place for students to learn with the concept of supporting the attractive “people” of the area.

As raw materials of wacochan, not only Miyazakien’s wakocha tea but also the MIU tomato, mini tomato of the farmer “Iida Nouen”, who also received the certification of the 6th industrialization is used. So you can enjoy the fragrance and flavour of tomato and tea.

Mr. Iida sells his MIU tomatoes and MIU tomato juice at the famous department store and his own direct sales place. In this month, you may see him from August 23 to August 29 at the Weekly Spot of JR Nagoya Takashimaya Basement 2F.

I heard that in Taiwan drinks combining beer and tomato are popular, but what kind of merchandise is the combination of tea and tomato and beer? I am curious. I am looking forward to next week’s big Nagoya building!

[Notice] The Japanese black tea “Wakocha” Whole Tour on 3rd SEP

We are proudly annoncing that “the Japanese black tea ‘Wa kocha’ whole tour” will be held on 3rd Septembre at Miyazakien. The tour is supported by Great Nagoya tours Executive Committee as “Great Nagoya Tours.”

On the tour, you can enjoy tea picking, drying and fermentation work of tea making, and also tea tasting, as well as soft tea cream using the Japanese black tea, Wakocha.

Do not miss the opportunity to touch Japanese tea and Japanese-born tea you need for living in Japan!

For details, please see the page of Great Nagoya Tours “Japanese tea ceremony” Tea ceremony whole “tour” on the committie web site.

The Okazaki delicious food festival at Seibu Okazaki store is until tomorrow


Miyazakien is participating in the “Okazaki Umai mono Food Festival” on the first floor of the Seibu Okazaki store for a week from 28th June to 4th, July. This time, we are promoting Matcha Butter Cake, which is co-developed with “Butter Cake Store Nomoto”, as well as selling our “Wa Kocha”, the Japanese black tea, green tea and matcha using new crop. You can also enjoy our fragrant “Nukata Ichiban Hojicha”, the roasted Japanese tea.

バターケーキ抹茶 宮ザキ園と「バターケーキの店 のもと」さんの共同開発商品です。
バターケーキ抹茶 宮ザキ園と「バターケーキの店 のもと」さんの共同開発商品です。

Matcha butter cake is a new product that the butter cake professional, Mr Nomoto created using our Miyazakien’s Matcha after thirty years of butter cake experience. The best way in this season to eat this excellent cake is to cool it down in a refrigerator and you can make it even more delicious. To a taste of rich butter, a little bitter ande sweet matcha matches well with tea ceremony. You can enjoy it with the customer in a slightly larger amount.


In addition, you can meet our “Nokata Ichiban Hojicha”, the roasted Japanese tea which is made of tea leaves grown up in our organic garden. Even in overseas sales, it has been very popular as rich roasted flavour. In this hot season, chilled Hojicha is also good for having a rich time with your families and friends.

The Seibu Okazaki store is located in Okazaki City “Okazaki Umai mono food festival” is up to tomorrow, the 4th, July.

Meet us at Seibu Okazaki!





opening of the Miyakien temporal shop at Seibu Okazaki

It is an announcement of the opening of the Miyakien temporal shop at Seibu Okazaki. From the coming 28th, June (Wednesday) to 4th, July (Tue), the Miyazakien will open a short time shop at the 2nd Okazaki quality food festival to be held at the Seibu Okazaki store.

This time, our Hojicha and Nomoto’s delicious chilled “Matcha Butter Cake” are the eye-opening products.

Also, as usual, you can enjoy our free tasting service of our Japanese green tea hot and chilled.

The Seibu Okazaki Store is located in Okazaki city, Aichi Prefecture. We will meet you on the 1st floor, special venue.

Meet us at Seibu Okazaki!

[Notice] 6/17 We will open a shop in an event to be held in Kariya

It is an announcement of the event Miyazakien attends.

On the 17th (Saturday) this weekend, the Miyazakien will open a shop and sell our new tea on this season in a event to be held in Kariya city. Free entrance. It is a 3-minute walk from the JR and Meitetsu Kariya station.

Event name: Fermentation Big Bang with EM! Kariya

Date and time of opening: Saturday, June 17, 2017 10: 30 ~ 16: 00

Place: Kariya Industry Promotion Centre Aioi Hall
Kariya-shi Aoshimachi 1 – chome 1 6

Everyone is welcome!



Wa Kocha at cafe double

“Wa Kocha”, the Miyazakien’s Japanese Black Tea, has joined the menu of “Cafe Double” in Toyoda City Maruyama Town.

“Wa Kocha” menu started in June, 2017 at Cafe Double in, Toyota City Aichi Prefecture!
  • Royal milk tea made from Wa Kocha (chilled/hot) 600 yen
  • Chamomile Wa Kocha Tea 620 yen

“Cafe rice” to eat with chopsticks as set meals and homemade cake to take out are also provided. The cafe is often used for lunch, girls’ party, night cafe in a stylish space. Please stop the cafe double by once by all means.

Set meal of 2017/05 of Cafe Double using cooked rice with hojicha

This is a set meal of rice cooked with Hojicha lunch at the end of May when I visited Cafe Dae for delivery. The menu changes on a monthly basis, so I think that it is now a different menu.

Meet us at Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi in mid April 2017

From the coming 12th April (Wednesday) to 18th April  (Tueseday), the Miyazakien will open a temporal shop at Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi in Nagoya.

This time, we introduce our most popular two products, Sencha, the Japanese green tea “Haru Moegi” which means Spring fresh green, and Gyokuro, “Sae Midori”, which means deep green. While opening a store, the staff of Miyazakien resides and conducts tasting services.

The place is the food department of the Mitsukoshi Hoshigaoka underground floor. Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi has a direct link to Nagoya city subway Higashiyama Line Hoshigaoka Station.

We are looking forward to having you enjoy tea.

宮ザキ園出店のお知らせです。来たる4月12日(水)から4月18日(火)まで,名古屋の星が丘三越に宮ザキ園が出店いたします。 今回ご紹介する商品は,宮ザキ園の売れ筋定番商品。イチオシは煎茶の「はるもえぎ」,玉露の「さえみどり」です。 出店中は,宮ザキ園のスタッフが常駐し,試飲サービスなどを行います。 場所は,星が丘三越地下一階の食品売り場です。星ヶ丘三越は,名古屋の市営地下鉄東山線星ヶ丘駅直結です。どうぞおこしください。