Modern Korean correspondents has come to Miyazakien

The other day, the modern Korean correspondents coming to Japan from Korea visited Miyazakien and experienced tea picking.

In Okazaki they were touched upon the history of Tokugawa Ieyasu and the Korean correspondent in the Edo period, and they also enjoyed interacting with local high school students. Ms Naoko JIN, the representative director of NPO Bridge for Peace, presided over by the West Mikawa version of the Chunichi Shinbun on 11th August, that this international exchange activity is being reported.


It was a very meaningful opportunity for Miyazakien to be able to play the part of international friendship activity. Thank you very much for everyone involved.





The Chunichi Shimbun posted an article about Miyazakien

On last Monday, the Chunichi Shimbun introduced Miyazakien and tea industry in Miyazaki district where we are located in.

The article in Chunichi Shimbun on 30th, Jan., 2017

It is the first time to see such a so long article about us.
I am happy that the importance of tradition and agriculture infrastructure transmitted from the Warring States Period are spread wide again by this article.

To all the reporters, the people concerned, thank you very much!

Hanasaka times

Today we welcomed CBC “Hanasaka Times” crew and guests, Ms Azusa Babazono and Ms Naomi Watanabe to our tea garden.

The Asian, Ms Azusa Babazono, Ms Naomi Watanabe has come to our tea plant!

Our picking staffs are very encouraged by those two talented artists.

Thank you, Azusa-san and Naomi-san!

P.S. The programme will be broadcasted on next weekend, the 4th June. It starts at 9:25 am on CBC tv in Nagoya area, central Japan.

CBC crews work hard on our 2016 year new crop Miyagzakien’s Japanese green tea and Japanese black tea.

Miyazakien on Yomiuri Shimbun

Thanks to the Yomiuri Shimbun. The Japanese most popular newspaper, picked up our Japanese black tea and Miyazakien in an issue of this morning.

Black tea has a similarity with the wine which we can enjoy a variety of production place, material, processing method and so on. Every tea plant farmers have been challenged on the combination of the various elements. So we can enjoy many taste and flavour of Japanese black tea, not limited to our Wa Kocha, the Japanese black tea of Miyazakien.

Enjoy the difference of various personalities of the domestic tea to everyone.