What is Gyokuro?

“Gyokuro” is defined by Japan Tea Central Public Interest IncorporatedAssociation as , from the time when the first tea sprout started to grow, tea trees are covered for about 20 days with shelves made with straw, cotton, plastic etc. And the tea leaves should be plucked in almost completely sun light blocked field, and be processed like Sencha. Tea leaves of Gyokuro have almost the same appearance as Sencha tea, but trees are covered for a longer period of time to prevent sun light, and usually picked up by hand. By suppressing photosynthesis by blocking light, suppressing the increase of catechin which becomes a source of astringency, the content ratio of theanine which is a umami component increases, so even compared to covered tea and infusing tea, that has less astringency and you can enjoy deep richness of flavour and umami.

Nukata Kaoru Midori (Gyokuro)

There are various ways to cover tea trees to make gyokuro. At Miyazakien, we make Gyokuoku with carefully finished tea using tea leaves raised for over 20 days with a blackout condition. It is characterized by dark green light blue colour and mellow sweet mouthfeel.

Where is Miyazakien

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