What is Sencha

Sencha is a typical Japanese tea, a kind of green tea. It is the most consumed in Japan and has long been rooted in the Japanese society as a customer’s hospitality tool as a drink and beverage that heals thirst as a meal or after-meal drink.

Variety of Sencha

Sencha has senior tea which rich in umami ingredients (amino acids) and ordinary infusa tea which contains a lot of astringent ingredients (catechin) instead of less umami (amino acids) than luxury infant tea. Luxury infant tea is born in the steaming process longer than normal time.

Kabuse tea is using tea leaves grown by darkening about 10 days before harvesting is a dark green light blue colour and a mellow and sweet by shielding the sunlight.

Sencha of Miyazakien

Nukata kaoru midori (Finest sencha, kabuse)

Using Kabuse tea brought up under dark curtain about 10 days before harvest. Since the material is Kabuse tea, it is characterized by deep green light blue colour and mellow sweet mouthfeel. Since tea leaves are particularly carefully selected, it is a tea for those who want to enjoy the colours and shapes of tea leaves.

Nukata ichiban cha (finest sencha, Kabuse)

Using Kabuse tea brought up  underdark curtain about 10 days before harvest, we use carefully selected tea leaves for Nukata ichiban cha. It is characterized by deep green light blue colour and mellow sweet mouthfeel.

Nukata ichiban cha – aracha (finest sencha, kabuse, not sorted)

After steaming and rubbing tea leaves, the state before screening for buds, stems, and powder is called rough tea. Because it does not go through the labor-intensive sorting process, it will be easy to purchase.

The material of the covered tea is utilized as it is, characterized by a plump sweet mouthfeel and fragrant aroma.

Kuragari Yamanocha (sencha, kabuse)

It is ordinary green tea finished with shallow steamed. Kabuse, covered tea, brought up under the blackout is used. It features distinctive aroma and refreshing drinking.




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