Wa kocha is a Japanese black tea that Miyazakien made. The word “wa” means Japan, peace, circle, etc. and “kocha” means black tea. Unlike overseas tea, it has little astringency and bitterness, it features a distinctive flavour and sweet aftertaste. It is a taste to match not only with confectionery but also Japanese sweets and Japanese dishes.

At Miyazakien, we cultivated the traditional varieties “Hongu” picked up at Mt. Hongu. For Mikawa wakocha, we only use leaves of  “Hongu” tea tree which have been over 150 years old and carefully made all the steps by hand.

Wakocha, the Japanese Black Tea

わ紅茶商品パッケージ2017  Mikawa is a district name where Miyazakien is located. Mikawa wakocha is made from the same tea tree as Japanese green tea. In Okazaki city in Aichi prefecture, there is Mt. Hongu, which has been the object of faith since ancient times. Tea tree grew in this Mt. Honogu and became the cornerstone where cultivation and processing of tea in this place became flourishing.

Mikawa Wakocha boxed in paulowniaMikawa Wa kocha boxed in paulownia

Japanese black tea with a fancy sweetness that was held in a paulownia box for tea gifts.
Mikawa wakocha has been well received at luxury restaurants, inns, department stores and so on.

Fullmoon teaMangetsu kocha, the Fullmoon tea

In the full moon night, we pick up tea leaves of native species “Hongu” carefully at the tea garden of Miyazakien, and made it into a Japanese black tea with a gentle taste.

This full moon black tea has been developed with the 100th anniversary of the Okazaki city municipal control.



Where is Miyazakien

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